Visual content produced with the lightmotiv projector: organic forms and natural processes lead to aesthetic interface reactions. Analogue imagery, digitally perpetuated.

The lightmotiv projector enlarges the liquid content of a petri dish up to 100 meters in diameter.

A lightmotiv artist influences the content of the projection mixture by adding effect substances and rotation. The multicolored images are created in a constant flow through the structure-forming processes stimulated by the substances. lightmotiv images have a timeless, organic quality.

In the age of technical reproducibility, lightmotiv offers the chance of consciously experiencing the uniqueness of the moment. The beauty of natural structures is the analogous counterpoint to the hustle and bustle of a digitized world. The fascinating pictorial worlds, in which the laws of nature work, induce the viewer to contemplation and thus lead him to take a look at his inner world.




Inspired by tinkering with lamps and experiments with colored liquids, Matthias Strobl, the inventor of lightmotiv, dares to project the liquid content of a glass bowl onto a ceiling using a home-made equipment. The result is overwhelming for him and he tries by further technical refinement to optimize the brightness, sharpness and dynamics of the image. After receiving much attention from the environment in terms of the aesthetics of the images shown, the decision is made to research in the local patent information center whether such a projection apparatus has been built anywhere in the world.




The result of the research is surprising: Such a device does not seem to exist anywhere.

Together with a patent attorney, a technical description of the apparatus is prepared and submitted to the German Patent and Trademark Office on 29.01.2000.




The first plan to sell the device as a product to end users, proves to be less practical: too many technical hurdles would have to be overcome in order to obtain TÜV and CE certification. A small series of 10 projectors is constructed, which allow to offer this type of projection exclusively as an atmospheric lighting installation for events.

The lightmotiv projections inspire the audience, invitations from distant countries follow (Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Russia), where lightmotiv projections are produced live on events. Over the years, lightmotiv images has been used at numerous events, including the Laureus World Sports Awards, featuring the cream de la cream of the top international elite sport and the Spanish King.




This year the patent will finally be granted. lightmotiv gets the European patent no. 1073934. Movie files of the motives produced by the patented lightmotiv projector are sold as DVD or used as permanent atmospheric installation via video projector.




The projection is awarded with the gold medal at the Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea in Florence. The self-made apparatus receives artistic recognition after 12 years.